With an open work structure, we are a multidisciplinary firm with a network of collaborators from the architecture, design, interior design and landscaping fields, where each professional is a vital member of the Bitarte team.


Our goal is to provide a global design environment in addition to providing the necessary structure to help you successfully achieve your goals.



Sheila Varas  I  Creative Director


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Our philosophy

Bitarte is an architecture and interior design firm; born between London, Madrid, San Sebastian, Hanoi and Copenhagen, the result of people, places, and good times, we have developed the structure of a space where we can offer solutions based on creative talent.


Bitarte was born with a rebellious spirit and a noble purpose; we are a space of pause, where we gather the necessary momentum to transform and create. This is how we understand the design process, as an activity capable of transforming contexts and vital environments in a cross-disciplinary way.


Our philosophy represents that instant between two places which evokes, inspires and, above all, organises. This is Bitarte, an intermediate space, in-between, an interstice, an engawa. The most important and crucial moment in the transition between two objects or two places. It is the intermediate space of pause, of emptiness, that nourishes Bitarte and drives our creative impulse. Bitarte is a space to stand, look and think.

Architecture + Interior Design

Architecture is a noble discipline that spatially brings a need or a dream to life. The present is being imposed on out-dated forms of architecture and at Bitarte we are committed to the need to interconnect various professional spheres to create a specialised and complex fabric of knowledge that responds to social, individual and market needs through a professional practice and cross-disciplinary approach. At Bitarte our added value is knowledge.

Bitarte Design Approach

Bitarte Arquitectura + Comunicacion / ciudad y patios Work-Home / London Metropolitan University / architecture research / www.bitartearquitectura.com

Our design approach is based on two cornerstones that work in parallel: architecture and interior design.


Bitarte is a multidisciplinary firm, with an open and cross-disciplinary structure. At Bitarte we communicate through what we know best: design.


Design is a process of social interaction, which is why Bitarte is committed to two-way communication instead of the one-way communication of outdated architecture. At Bitarte we design for people and we create an interaction to make this work. Our communication code is design. We create interaction, diversification and a cross-disciplinary relationship to offer a richer, more complete, more interesting, more real and more vital architecture.


Our goal is to respond to the needs of people, a complex society and market and therefore we offer a blend of architecture with other disciplines. And it is this interdependence that sets us apart and makes Bitarte's work unique.

Bitarte Arquitectura + Comunicacion / ciudad y patios Work-Home / London Metropolitan University / architecture research / www.bitartearquitectura.com


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