experiential beer garden

Design at the cellars Villa Zarri, Italy. 5000 sqm

Located in the gardens of the Villa Zarri palace, which was built in 1578, we designed a new extension that functions as a greenhouse attached to the old wine cellar, marking a radical architectural contrast. The new translucent volume is located in the southwest and southeast elevations, shaping the main visitor entrance.


The new façade is constructed in white opal multiwall polycarbonate, with additional insulation, resistance to the effects of UV with low levels of thermal transmittance and operable windows for natural ventilation. This new structure enables the building to extend along the east-west axis to maximize the south-facing elevation.


The interior of the old cellar has been designed following the 3 most relevant stages of the natural brewing process. Each one includes the three main functions, respectively: Laboratory area (brewing). Multi-purpose space and tasting room (where hops are added). Shop and restaurant (fermentation).


The interior architecture is based on a unique open-plan concept to enjoy the space without any barriers and to offer the opportunity to have a panoramic interior view. The design is based on a composition of the original materials such as concrete and steel, with new material that takes centre stage, such as opal polycarbonate, generating a mix of industrial and contemporary style.


This architectural design of the old cellar has reinforced the relationship with the adjacent Villa Zarri palace and its surrounding Italian Renaissance garden.