Home Staging

Home staging of a property in Antiguo neighbourhood, Donostia. 65sqm

The owners have set out to turn this property into a tourist magnet, located a stone’s throw from Ondarreta beach, with its blue and white awning, in the el Antiguo neighbourhood. This 65sqm apartment has a long hallway, low ceilings and confined spaces that block out the natural light. It is clearly in need of a complete refurbishment.


We start by looking at the technical aspects, taking on a new project involving facilities, ground levelling, thermal insulation and soundproofing. Once this phase is designed, we focus on creating a vibrant, seductive space.


Its layout is organised by focusing the plans on the common use space with the bedroom located on either side. We have concealed the bedroom access through the use of hidden doors free of any mouldings or frames, which are flush and are treated with the same coating as the wall, thus favouring the continuity of the partition wall in order to reinforce the idea of living in a single, common space. The main door and its full partition wall at the northern end are painted in a deep dark tone that spreads out onto the ceiling and fully shrouds this hall area.


We got rid of the hallway creating a single, common use central space, dividing up their different areas without the need to use partition walls. We designed natural quality ventilation with ample space that did not exist before, removing the false ceilings and partition walls that served no purpose.


An open-plan box with hidden bedrooms that are adjacent, with the kitchen island setting out the flow of movement and organising the space that we have just created. The ceilings have been pushed upwards to increase vertical space and the partitions removed to create horizontal depth. A simple structure that conceals more than one secret. Rest and the beach!