muelle de la jarana

Full home renovation in the port of San Sebastian, 120 sqm

We completely refurbished this house that is located in the foothills south of the Monte Urgull, in the old fishing port in San Sebastián, in its old town, and forming part of the bay of La Concha. This 120 sqm house is located in the postcard setting, formerly known as the neighbourhood of la Jarana. The owners have only one wish “to live the house”.


The structure is constructed from wood and concrete that showcases the material dualism that will be the main feature of the house. We set out for the architecture and its construction materials to be on display, be found and be touched. The pillar and beams are made from restored wood and the ceilings from bare concrete. We reinforce this duality of concrete and wood, creating a material harmony between floors and ceilings. Continuity of micro-concrete in the common areas overlying floors and walls, with oak wooden flooring in bedrooms. A subtle line of flush brass lines where these two floors meet.


We envisage an ample space for common use, with access to the 20m2 terrace on its sea-facing southern façade. The kitchen and dining room are decorated in a combination of colour and robust material that is gentle to the touch, black silk and grey bromine, which goes all the way to the south façade, leading out on to the terrace. The original wooden pillar is surrounded by the island and which the main wooden beam passes over. This open-plan space from the entrance is the heart of the home. An extensive kitchen with a central island that brakes up and organises the entrance to the house. A space with views onto the sea in front of the bay of La Concha from the kitchen.


Noble materials that are harmonised and blend into each other to create a coherent and homogeneous space, a space to be lived in. Koro, Joxemari, Eneko and Nahia. All in all, a gem found in San Sebastián.


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