Partial home renovation in Madrid, 125 sqm

What do you do when the basement in your single-family home has turned into a dreaded storage room? The challenge was like a flare fired on the high sea, an S.O.S.; it was necessary to rescue those square meters from oblivion.


After conditioning and repairing the space, we started in on what we really like to do…think, design and propose solutions. The basement next to the entrance and the kitchen were completely renovated. We changed the way the house is accessed, turning the original main entrance, a narrow hall parallel to the kitchen, into a spacious entrance hall with cupboards and closets. As for the basement, it was designed with a minimalist aesthetic to achieve a clean and aseptic space, where colour would be provided by the recreational purposes of the new design. What was nothing more than piles of boxes and forgotten objects became the new recreational space for the family and party guests.


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