Residential project in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 108,000 sqm

The Ankhor project in Uzbekistan is based on the development of approximately 108,000 m² located in a landscaped eco-park. The design is visually and conceptually unified to offer a clear identity through a continuous and repeating characteristic feature: a landscaped roof that flows through the entire residential complex. The horizontal and dynamic architectural organisation of the façades, accentuated by a series of patios that open to the block, achieve a morphological harmony.



The homes are designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture with the three-storey building in the south progressing toward the eight-storey building in the north to maximise natural daylight and solar gain in winter. The design is based on the principles of sustainability, energy efficiency, passive design, waste management and environmental friendliness.

The passive elements applied in the ecodesign on the external façade improve the buildings’ thermal performance and self-regulation in temperatures, like those in the city of Tashkent, that range from -5°C to +40°C.



The housing development offers high-quality flats as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, providing a sense of community for residents. All units face open landscaped areas for maximum daylight and efficient cross ventilation. The units are designed around indoor greenhouses (winter gardens) that provide three different types of interior patios and distribute the domestic space.



In collaboration with Llewelyn Davies architects ( and Ken Yeang (, London.


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